ReHold V2

ReHold V2 signifies a quantum leap in decentralized finance. Integrating features like Limit Orders and Ethereum Mainnet deployment, V2 is anchored in a two-layer scaling system, cutting down gas costs considerably. This emphasizes our commitment to users by ensuring a powerful, cost-effective platform.

Discover ReHold V2

ReHold V2 elevates our protocol, offering an enhanced user interface, increased scalability, and greater cost efficiency. Central to V2 is a two-layer scaling system, harmonizing with Ethereum Mainnet, reducing gas costs dramatically. Added features include Limit Orders and Flex APRs, optimizing investment control for users.

Key Features

  • Limit Orders: A dynamic feature that lets users set orders at specific price points, adding flexibility in investments without the need to lock tokens. Transactions are gas-free, saving costs and maximizing returns.

  • Ethereum Mainnet: Expanding ReHold's reach, V2 now supports six blockchain networks, enhancing our scope and accessibility.

  • Flex APRs: An innovative mechanism adjusting to market conditions, optimizing returns dynamically. Flex APRs can lock in rates, potentially offering higher returns compared to static APRs.

Security: CertiK Audit

Ensuring stringent security standards, ReHold V2 has been audited by CertiK, ranking us in the top echelons for platform security. The audit revealed zero critical bugs, emphasizing our commitment to user safety. Check out the full audit at CertiK Skynet:

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