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Accessing ReHold Logos

You can download ReHold logos at the bottom of this page. Before doing so, we ask you to read and understand the following guidelines.

Usage of ReHold Brand Assets

While ReHold shares some of its technology under open-source licenses, our brand assets, including logos and trademarks, are not open-source and are subject to copyright. These brand assets include:

  • ReHold wordmark and icon

  • The ReHold name

  • Other visual assets produced by ReHold, such as illustrations and 3D models

ReHold Name Formatting Rules

Correct Capitalization: Always write the brand name as "ReHold". This specific form of capitalization is mandatory for maintaining the brand's professional image and consistency across all platforms.

Incorrect Variants to Avoid: Do not use "rehold" or "Rehold." Such variations can undermine the brand's recognition and should be consistently avoided in all forms of documentation, whether technical or marketing-related.

Permitted Uses

You are welcome to use ReHold's brand assets for:

  • Referring to our products and services

  • Linking to our official site or products

  • Announcing an official partnership, provided you have received explicit approval from an authorized ReHold team member

For uses not covered here, please contact us at for guidance.

Prohibited Uses

To maintain the integrity and security of our brand, there are certain restrictions on how you can use ReHold brand assets:

  • Do not incorporate our brand assets into your product names, logos, NFTs, etc. For example, apps named "ReHold Engine" or "Re-Hold" are not permitted.

  • Do not use the ReHold logo, in whole or in part, in your product logos, marketing materials, websites, or similar.

  • Creating logos that closely resemble the ReHold Icon is prohibited.

  • Do not create digital or physical products for sale using our brand assets, including merchandise, NFTs, or other items.

  • Avoid creating derivative names that suggest official endorsement. For instance, "ReHold Italy" implies official status; however, "ReHold Fans of Italy" could be acceptable.

  • Our brand assets must be used as provided. Alterations in color, composition, abbreviation, or any form are not allowed.

We encourage originality and creativity. If you’re building something within the ReHold ecosystem, make it distinctly your own. A strong, unique brand will stand on its own without needing to remix the ReHold brand.

Brand Palette

When creating marketing materials related to ReHold, we recommend using our corporate colors for consistency.

Logotypes and Icons

For your promotional materials, please use the official logo pack. It contains both vertical and horizontal versions of our logo, as well as various icon variations of the ReHold symbol.

To download the SVG and PNG versions of our logotypes, see below.

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