Limit Dual

Limit Duals introduce a dynamic twist to Dual Investment strategies in ReHold V2. Their uniqueness lies in their activation: they spring into action once a specific price point, determined by the user, is met - whether above or below the current market rate. This feature allows for strategic investing without locking user tokens, and provides an unmatched flexibility in the creation and management of investments.

Furthermore, Limit Duals empower users to establish an unlimited array of orders, paving the way for diverse, tailored investment strategies. An additional standout attribute of this feature is its gas-free operation. Orders set by users are executed in sequence, as their price benchmarks are achieved, all the while incurring zero gas fees. This essentially redefines the trading experience by cutting down costs and bolstering potential returns.

How to set up a Limit Dual

  1. Connect your wallet to ReHold.

  1. Tailor your Dual settings by picking your preferred pair from the 'Dual Asset' menu. Choose a staking duration of either 12 or 24 hours, and select the cryptocurrency of the pair you wish to stake. Input the amount you desire. For a more in-depth guide on Dual setup, kindly refer to the 'Create Dual' section.

  2. Activate the Limit Dual function by clicking on the button above the 'Start' button before confirming the Dual.

  1. Adjust your Dual settings by determining the Target Price at which the Dual will be triggered.

  1. Click 'Create Limit Dual'.

The Dual will spring into action once a certain price point, as determined by the user, is achieved, whether it's above or below the prevailing market value. Until the price reaches the set target, you can cancel the Dual under the tab:\

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