Auto-Replay Dual

How to enable Auto-Replay

  1. Connect your wallet to ReHold.

  1. Customize your Dual preferences by selecting the preferred pair from the menu in the 'Dual Asset' bar. Choose the staking plan for either 12 or 24 hours, and select the coin of the pair you want to stake. Enter the desired amount. For more detailed instructions on setting up a Dual, please refer to the 'Create Dual' section.

  2. Activate the 'Auto Replay' feature above the 'Start' button before confirming the Dual. It's important to note that you can always switch this function off before closing the Dual if the market conditions are not advantageous at that moment.

  1. Click “Start Now” to open the stake!

P.S. You can enable Auto Replay even after you have closed Dual and before claiming it. To do this, open the Auto Replay settings and switch the slider within it.

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