Referral Program

ReHold's referral program is designed to increase your reward potential exponentially. By introducing friends and family to ReHold, you unlock a multi-level earning mechanism that rewards you for the activities of your referrals up to five levels deep. Here’s an overview of how our referral program works and how it can significantly enhance your earnings:

Level 1 Referrals: Earn a generous percentage of the $REDY Points your direct referrals generate from their activities, including Dual Investment, Swap, Welcome Bonuses, and daily quests.

Levels 2 to 5: Continue to earn a scaled percentage of $REDY Points from the activities of referrals made by your network, extending your rewards across five levels of depth.

This tiered referral program ensures that your efforts in expanding your network have a compound effect on your earnings, making every new member you bring into the ReHold ecosystem a valuable addition to your investment strategy.

Maximizing Your Referral Earnings

The table below summarizes the rewards you receive at each referral level from the Welcome Bonus, Daily Quests, Dual Investment x $1000, and Swap x $1000 of your referred friend.

Referral Level

Rewards Percentage

Welcome Bonus



Dual Investment


Level 1


15 $REDY

15 $REDY

3000 $REDY

1600 $REDY

Level 2




1600 $REDY

800 $REDY

Level 3




800 $REDY

400 $REDY

Level 4




400 $REDY

200 $REDY

Level 5




200 $REDY

100 $REDY

Welcome Bonuses: Encourage your referrals to start their journey with ReHold to earn a Welcome Bonus, providing both you and them with an immediate reward.

Educate Your Network: Share strategies and insights about Dual Investment, Swap, and Daily Quests to maximize the activities of your referrals, further increasing your rewards.

Track Your Earnings: Keep an eye on your referral dashboard to monitor your expanding network and plan your strategies around the most rewarding activities.

Unlocking the power of referrals on ReHold is a straightforward process designed to help you maximize your earnings through our rewarding multi-level referral program. Here's a simple guide on how to obtain and share your referral link, step by step:

  1. Connect Your Wallet

Begin by clicking the green button “Connect Wallet”. You have the option to connect your MetaMask directly, Coinbase Wallet, etc. or use Other Wallets connect options. This initial step ensures that your account is securely linked to your wallet, enabling you to receive $REDY Points from referrals directly into your account.

2. Share Your Referral Link

With your referral link copied, you're ready to start sharing it. The more you share, the greater your potential to earn $REDY Points as your referrals engage with ReHold.

By following these steps, you can easily harness the power of ReHold's referral program, opening up a new avenue for earning $REDY Points and contributing to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem. Share your link, grow your network, and watch your earnings multiply as your referrals become active participants on ReHold.


How can I increase my earnings through the referral program?

Focus on expanding your network and encouraging active participation from your referrals in Dual Investment, Swap, and Daily quests to maximize your cumulative earnings.

Are there limits to how many people I can refer?

No, there are no limits. The more active referrals you have, the greater your potential earnings from the multi-level referral system.

How are referral rewards calculated?

Rewards are calculated based on the level of your referral and the specific activities they engage in. You earn a percentage of the REDY Points they accumulate from their investments and activities on ReHold.

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